Saturday, May 18, 2013's: Not your ordinary doughnut

J. Co's doughnuts are a cafe retailer in Indonesia specializing donuts, frozen yogurt and coffee. Its venture began in 2005, pioneered by Johnny Andrean Group and the rest is history. Nowadays, they already have numerous branches worldwide including here in the Philippines. The best seller so far is the Alcapone flavored doughnut. But, they also this cafe is not only limited to donuts and cafe, they also offer sandwiches and frozen yogurt.

Out of curiosity, we waited for like almost 2 hours just to taste this in demand doughnuts. We ordered 4 boxes with assorted flavors of doughnuts.

What I love the most in J. Co's doughnuts is that they are not too sweet and the bread/dough is unbelievably soft and tasty. Each flavor is distinct and superlative. I recommend it to those who wants desserts that are not too sweet but satisfying. A two thumbs up, no actually, all my hands for these doughnuts! :)) YumYum.

Here's their official site: or Check it out for temptation overload! :))

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

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Ristorante Bigoli: A Taste of Italy

I wanted to surprise Ivan for his birthday... In relation to this, I thought of bringing him to a new restaurant. Since, he is a fan of Italian foods, I wanted to give him a taste of Italy. Restaurants such as Italianni's, Sbarro and Pizza Hut are a mainstream already plus the fact that it is pretty much expensive for a student like me. Then I saw this new and interesting restaurant in Trinoma.
Actually, Bigoli has three branches (As far as I know) Trinoma Mall, Eastwood and SM Fairview. My mom and I have already tried Bigoli at SM Fairview and it was a such great experience, so great that I had to bring my boyfriend to try it too.
The Ristorante Bigoli, Trinoma branch has a cozy ambiance, similar to Itallianni's. The place is located at the 4th flr. Near cinema. The food is so great, delicious! Definitely worth a try! I guarantee that you won't sue me after this recommendation. :) The price is budget friendly.

We tried the Tour of Italy for only PHP 180.00
                   Garden Salad for only PHP 65.00
                    And Strombolli Pepperroni for PHP180.00 only
Tour of Italy(Italian Pasta, Fettucini Alfredo and Lasagna)- for ONLY PHP180.00

Garden Salad- PHP65.00 only

Strombrolli Pepperoni- PHP180.00

I thought this would not be enough for us but actually we were so full that we cannot almost finish the food. The servings are good for 2-4 persons.
Overall, I will give Bigoli a 4.5 out of 5 ratings. Definitely worth a try. Highly recommended for family and couple who wants to satisfy their tummies despite of the tight budget. :))
Here's their official site: for more info. :)

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Friday, April 26, 2013

KASKA: Kahit Saan, Kahit Ano :)

Saan tayo kakain? .... "Kahit Saan"
Anong gusto niyo kainin? ... "Kahit Ano"

Was this phrase familiar to you? Have you used this phrase? Well, maybe all of us already did. But, did you know that because of this cliche a restaurant was born?

KasKa, located at the 2nd flr. Of Vega Mall, College, Los Banos, Laguna

KasKa, stands for Kahit Saan, Kahit Ano, located at the 2nd flr. Of Vega Mall, College, Los Baños near the main entrance of UPLB. 
The menu consists of homecook meals like Adobo, they just add a punch to it. The prices range from 45-150+ depends if you order the Ala cart or the combo meal.
My friends were first timers in this restaurant, though I have already eaten here a few times. The place has a "homey" ambiance though due to its limited space it cannot accommodate massive customers. The food was worth the price, budget friendly, recommended for the students as well as professors in UPLB.

These messages add home vibes to the place.
KasKa's menu

KasKa's Burger Steak Ala carte for PHP 79.00
KasKa's Chicken Teriyaki Ala carte PHP79.00
**Sample of Loaded Platters
The staff were so accommodating, imagine, they even gave me a complimentary ice cream for my birthday :)) *clap,clap*

Till next food trip!
-Curious Tummies

Date: January 10,2013