Saturday, May 18, 2013's: Not your ordinary doughnut

J. Co's doughnuts are a cafe retailer in Indonesia specializing donuts, frozen yogurt and coffee. Its venture began in 2005, pioneered by Johnny Andrean Group and the rest is history. Nowadays, they already have numerous branches worldwide including here in the Philippines. The best seller so far is the Alcapone flavored doughnut. But, they also this cafe is not only limited to donuts and cafe, they also offer sandwiches and frozen yogurt.

Out of curiosity, we waited for like almost 2 hours just to taste this in demand doughnuts. We ordered 4 boxes with assorted flavors of doughnuts.

What I love the most in J. Co's doughnuts is that they are not too sweet and the bread/dough is unbelievably soft and tasty. Each flavor is distinct and superlative. I recommend it to those who wants desserts that are not too sweet but satisfying. A two thumbs up, no actually, all my hands for these doughnuts! :)) YumYum.

Here's their official site: or Check it out for temptation overload! :))

Till our next venture!

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--To God Be The Glory. 

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